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HRT Prescribing
24th June 2024
- fully booked
25th Sept 2024 - booking now

Half day sessions - 9.20-12.30pm
delivered via zoom as an interactive meeting.

£125 each event,  includes electronic resources.

Available for commissioning by Training Hubs and groups of nurses

With the publication of NICE Guidance in late 2015 and Quality Standards in 2017, and NICE Update due in 2024,  women are expecting to receive information about symptoms, treatments and options and health professionals are expected to be do so.  Nurses  are often the ones who women speak to!


Are you ready?

Menopause An Overview

  • Presentation, symptom assessment, what's normal?

  • HRT outline - types, benefits, risks, side effects

  • Non hormonal choices including lifestyle and medical/over the counter.

HRT Update 

  • Overview of types, doses and regimens of HRT

  • Review benefits and risks of HRT.

  • Learn how to advise on starting, stopping HRT and monitor it effectively

  • Understand what to expect in terms of bleeding and how to assess.




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