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Learning Objectives - Bite size -e-learning

Module 1 - Introduction to menopause

  • Understand the physiological changes associated with the menopause

  • Identify the short, medium, and long term effects on individuals of the menopause transition

  • Describe the treatment options for menopause symptoms

  • Apply their learnings of menopause treatment to the case study

Module 2 - Basic of HRT

  • Describe the types, routes and regimens of HRT commonly used in the UK 

  • Understand the general benefits and risks of HRT 

  • Remember where to look for further resources and evidence on HRT 

  • Apply your learnings of HRT to the case study

Module 3- What is an HRT check?

  • Understand the importance of HRT checks

  • Evaluate what to ask during an HRT check and why it is important

  • Describe the side effects and expected bleeding pattern while on HRT (managing change)

  • Apply their learning of an HRT check to the case study

Module 4 - Managing symptoms after breast cancer

  • Understand the impact of induced menopause

  • Describe the prescribed non-hormonal options for menopausal symptoms

  • Identify over-the-counter and therapeutic options for symptoms in the presence of current or past breast cancer

  • Apply their learning of managing menopause symptoms after breast cancer to the case study

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