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Beyond Cancer-Living with Induced Menopause 


Study Day
2023 dates to be confirmed

Having cancer is stressful; the consequences after treatments are finished can be equally difficult to manage.

Medication side effects, menopausal symptoms, anxiety about long term health, sexual difficulty, emotional lability - all contribute to women feeling under supported, however good their cancer care was. 


  • Do you know when HRT can be used in your patient group?

  • Do you prepare women prior to BRCA testing or risk reducing surgery about the impact of early menopause?

  • Can you discuss the evidence for alternative treatments to manage symptoms?

  • What is a woman's experience of induced menopause?

  • Are you up to date on  vaginal treatments - SERMS, lasers, DHEA,  as well as oestrogen ?

  • Do you shy away from the sex issues which might effect women after induced menopause?







845       Registration

09.30   Welcome & Introduction                                            


09.40   Impact of Early Menopause after Cancer             


10.20   Beyond BRCA: Preparing Women for Menopause                  


11.00   Coffee


1130    Managing menopausal symptoms after breast cancer                                                     

12.15   HRT after Gynaecological Cancer                         


13.00   Lunch


14.00   Let's Talk about Sex & Early Menopause                


1445    Vaginals - oestrogens,  lubes, lasers and other options


1530   The Way Ahead

1600   Close of day


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