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Menopause: The Foundations

Feb 20th and 27th 2023 fully booked
April 3rd and 24th 2023 - fully booked
May 15th and 22nd 2023 fully booked
Oct 2nd and 16th 2023 - fully booked

delivery via zoom

This 2 day menopause course is aimed at nurses who regularly see and advise women about menopause issues. Deeper than a basic course, it is aimed at primary care nurses, others such as sexual health nurses, gynae nurses and those working in breast or oncology. It will equip you to confidently advise and treat women. 

  • Presentation and assessment

  • Premature menopause

  • NICE Guidance 

  • Quality Standards 

  • Bone health

  • HRT - Risks and Benefits

  • HRT - Types, routes and regimens

  • Which treatment for which women?

  • Non hormonal choices - medical and complementary.

  • Sex and menopause

  • DHEA for vaginal health

  • Testosterone

  • Lifestyle choices

 Remote delivery was hugely well evaluated.

"kept engaged all of the two days"

"learnt so much"

"easy to ask questions and join in discussion"

£420 inc printed resources by post, breakouts rooms, social chat and workshops



This two day course is suited to all nurses who regularly see and advise women about menopause related issues. Previous delegates have included primary care nurses, gynae- oncology nurses, breast care nurses, CASH nurses, gynae nurses, occupational health nurses. The mix of specialties leads to sharing of expertise and learning together is fun and interactive. The course is delivered equally through lectures and workshop style discussions, aimed at providing a practical, relevant course. Plenty of case discussions about real women in our real workplaces. Come with your questions and dilemmas. 

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